Return to Work

How does returning to work benefit me?

Back2Work®, Summit’s return-to-work program, is designed to eliminate any fears you may have about returning to work with helpful information, good planning and clear communication. In fact, studies show that returning to work is the best choice for most injured workers financially, medically and mentally.


Because your workers’ comp wage benefits are less than your normal wages, returning to work gives you the chance to earn a real paycheck and get your income back to a higher level.

In addition, you should be able to recover some of the other benefits of your employment, such as company health or life insurance, 401K-matching programs or retirement contributions. You’ll also begin contributing to your social security account again.

When it comes to your money, it pays to return to work!


While bed rest is appropriate in a few instances, it is often medically appropriate, and even advisable, for injured employees to return to work in some capacity. Getting up, getting dressed and heading to the office or job site are all ways to keep your muscles moving and speed recovery. And, by interacting with coworkers and setting return-to-work recovery goals, you combat depression.


Isolation, boredom and a general lack of accomplishment can take a major toll on a person’s state of mind. Getting back to a social, routine-oriented and productive environment at work can resolve these issues. You’ll be able to interact with your coworkers, re-establish a daily work routine, and regain a sense of accomplishment.

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