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Inside Claims Adjustor

When your injury is reported to Summit, your case is assigned to a claims adjustor. This person is your primary contact with Summit and will help you schedule medical appointments, communicate with your employer during your recovery and help you return to work.

If your injury requires a prolonged healing process, your case may be reassigned to a different adjustor. This is because Summit adjustors are specially trained for particular types of claims. Some deal with short-term injuries that do not require more than a week away from work, called medical-only claims. These make up the vast majority of the claims that Summit manages.

Other adjustors manage claims that involve wage benefits as well as medical care.

In cases of a permanent injury, loss of a limb or a death, we have a specialized team of our most experienced adjustors that are trained to handle the emotional and financial issues that surround these types of claims. Thankfully, these cases are rare.

Field Adjustor

One of our field adjustors may visit your workplace to find out what caused your injury, to inspect any equipment involved in the injury or to gather further information from you or your employer.

Nurse Case Manager

Summit has nurses on staff to oversee your medical treatment and lend their medical knowledge to your adjustor as needed.

Medical Directors

Summit has two licensed doctors on staff to ensure that you receive the best care possible. Our doctors are available to our adjustors, nurse case managers and your physician to help them make informed choices about your care.

Express Scripts

Express Scripts administers our prescription drug program. Click here to learn more about prescription drugs and your workers’ comp claim.

Other services

If during the course of your claim, you need services such as translation assistance or transportation, Summit works with companies that specialize in these areas.

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