Official Disability Guidelines (ODG)

About ODG

The Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) are an extensive resource that can streamline communication between provider offices and Summit. ODG can also help keep providers in compliance with some states’ workers’ compensation statutes and regulations.

To learn more about the Official Disability Guidelines, visit

Becoming an ODG-trained provider opens doors for you and your practice and makes working with Summit even easier. Learning how to use ODG is quick and simple! Just click here to view an presentation from Summit about ODG, its benefits to you and how to find the training resources you need.

Why ODG?

ODG works because it:

  • Is clear and complete, and can minimize confusion between our team and yours.
  • Can help ensure that injured workers get quick access to the most appropriate medical care.
  • Gives you the scientific backing you need when a patient resists recommended care, refuses to see a specialist or files a complaint.
  • Can help you rule out ailments that may not be related to the workers’ comp claim you are treating.