The Summit Story

Simple beginnings

On an autumn day in 1977, two friends sat at a kitchen table in sunny Lakeland, Florida, and pondered their futures.

C.C. “Doc” Dockery and Tom Petcoff were visionaries. They saw an opportunity to provide workers’ compensation insurance programs for trade associations—a niche virtually untouched in Florida at the time. Drawing from their respective trade association and marketing experience, Summit was established as an administrator and manager of workers’ compensation insurance products and services. The company had just three employees.

It didn’t take long for Summit to emerge as a premier choice for workers’ compensation insurance products and services for many types of businesses—and the business soon spread beyond the borders of the Sunshine State.

Doc and Tom believed in the goodness of people. They sought out employees and independent agents that they believed would give a job their all—a Summit tradition that continues to this day.

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