The Summit Story

People are our business

Although we are a large company, Summit still holds tight to our roots. We pride ourselves on being a big company with a close-knit, family feeling.

But great service goes beyond just kindness and a pleasant demeanor—our employees really know how to help. “Just being extra-nice on the phone doesn’t help the person on the other end. That’s why when you call us, you’ll find that each of our employees is a specialist in their own area. You get answers and information tailored to you, and that makes all the difference,” says James Wood, vice president of Summit's Southeast Region.

Because trained Summit employees work in our offices as well as out in the field, we make that difference to our clients and agents, every day. Our people handle all of our loss control, claims, underwriting and policy services. That’s what makes it personal.

We understand that a workers’ comp claim can affect an entire family. So we always remember that each injured employee isn’t a number—they are someone’s parent, spouse or sibling. They are the reason we are here. As vice president of Claims, Bob O’Halloran says, “We strive to ensure that injured workers get the right care at the right time—and we focus on getting it done the right way. It’s our commitment.”

We’re here to stay

Responsible. Reputable. Experienced. That’s Summit. Whether you’re meeting us for the first time or visiting our website for what seems like the millionth time—we welcome you.

Despite our success, Summit employees still gather around tables and discuss the future. A future that looks just as bright as it did when two hometown guys with big hearts and high hopes sat down and started Summit so many years ago.

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