Let’s Celebrate Safety

Every year, the National Safety Council dedicates the month of June to safety in the workplace, on the road and at home. The National Safety Council chooses a topic for each week of the month and offers resources to use in the workplace, at no charge. Here’s the schedule for June 2019:¹

Week 1: Hazard Recognition
What risks aren’t you seeing? Though you may not view your workplace as hazardous, dangers you may not recognize can pose a risk to you and your employees.

Week 2: Slips, Trips and Falls
Slips, trips and falls are a major cause of preventable injuries and deaths in the workplace. Slip, trip and fall prevention training is offered by the National Safety Council to increase awareness of hazards and ways to prevent them to create a safer work environment for all employees.

Week 3: Fatigue
Fatigue is one of the leading causes of non-fatal work injuries. Those who work night, irregular or long shifts are at most risk of suffering from fatigue. Employers can make adjustments in scheduling or employee workload to increase the safety of workers.

Week 4: Impairment
Nearly one-third of the US population is affected by addiction and 75 percent of these people are part of the workforce.¹ Whether drunk, drugged or drowsy, no level of impairment is safe.

Online safety training videos
Our insured businesses and agents have access to an extensive library of safety training videos and supplemental materials. For additional videos on these topics, go to www.trainingnetworknow.com and enter your username and password. Select Browse Topics, OSHA Compliance and Safety. Insured businesses and agents can request login credentials by emailing SafetyResourceRequest@summitholdings.com. (Videos provided through Long Island Productions, Inc. dba Training Network NOW, a Summit vendor).

For more information on these topics and to download materials to share with your employees, visit the National Safety Council website by clicking here.

If you need assistance or additional resources, please contact you Summit loss prevention consultant.


  1. National Safety Council, National Safety Month, (https://www.nsc.org/pages/nsm-public-materials; accessed May 8, 2019).
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