June is National Safety Month

Every year the National Safety Council (NSC) dedicates the month of June to safety at home, on the road, and, of course, in the workplace. Every year, the NSC chooses a topic for each of the full weeks of the month and offers you resources to use in your workplace, at no charge. Here's the schedule:

Week 1: Stand Up to Falls
Falls are one of the top causes of workplace injuries every year, so it’s no wonder this topic comes up repeatedly. You don’t have to be a construction company for this one to hit you hard. Falls are common in “safer” industries as well—all it takes is a little water on the breakroom floor for an average day to become a bad day.

Week 2: Recharge to Be in Charge
Sleep deprivation is another perennial risk—especially when your employees drive or operate machinery. Check out the link below for some great ideas to promote alertness and prevent fatigue-related accidents.

Week 3: Prepare for Active Shooters
Without a doubt, this is many people’s worst nightmare. And it seems to be a terrible repeating storyline on the evening news. While we all hope it never happens, be sure you and your employees are doing what you can to prevent violent situations—and know how to react if one does occur.

Week 4: Don’t Just Sit There
Ergonomics is an easy-to-overlook topic, but it’s a vital one. Repetitive motion and lifting injuries can sneak up on even the most safety-focused businesses. The good news is that these injuries are easy to prevent through employee education.

For more information on these topics and to download materials to share with your employees, visit the National Safety Council website at http://www.nsc.org/pages/home.aspx. If you need assistance or additional resources, please contact your Summit loss prevention consultant.