Help prevent falls

The leading cause of workers’ compensation claims are slip and fall injuries.(1) Just like other common workplace accidents, falls can be prevented. Encouraging fitness and healthy living among workers, along with a couple of simple improvements can help keep your employees safe.

Fall prevention tips

  • Clean up all spills immediately.
  • Secure electrical and phone cords out of traffic areas.
  • Remove small throw rugs or use non-skid mats.
  • Encourage employees to wear shoes with good support and slip-resistant soles.
  • Install handrails on both sides of all staircases.
  • Remove tripping hazards (paper, boxes, books, clothes, toys, shoes) from stairs and walkways.
  • Never stand on a chair, table or other surface on wheels.
  • Increase lighting.

Did you know that one in three Americans, aged 65 and older, falls each year?(2) With Americans working longer than ever, raising awareness about how to prevent fall-related injuries among older adults can benefit your entire workforce—and their families.

Click here for more information and resources to help you plan for Fall Prevention Awareness week with your employees. Be sure to contact your Summit Loss Prevention consultant for more ways you can prevent falls in your workplace.

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