Green Construction Services—Everyday Successes Start with Safety

At first glance, Green Construction Services may seem to be just another small, family-owned business. In reality, the company manages both residential and large-scale commercial construction projects across Florida through a broad network of subcontractors. In workers’ comp, that’s a scenario that can become complicated quickly.

Construction manager Nate Purcell was tasked with reviewing the company’s construction operations for cost efficiency, productivity and safety. A licensed contractor, Purcell was confident in the construction-related facets of the project, but safety was another question.

Not only was he responsible for reviewing existing safety practices, he was also asked to take over the ongoing employee training required for Green’s workplace safety credit. “A formal safety program is not an area I had managed before, but I was glad to step into unfamiliar territory to get the job done,” he says.

And to get the job done right, Purcell knew he needed a little help. He did some initial research online, and then for more tailored advice, he met with a Summit loss prevention consultant. “Summit’s loss prevention rep was friendly and knowledgeable, and the whole process was quick and easy. Together we built an easy-to-implement training strategy that fit our needs, along with some cost-effective recommendations for improving our emergency-preparedness in the field.”

Some recommendations were as simple as using safety training more specifically designed for field personnel and updating emergency response kits in vehicles. Sybil Chapman of Florida Insurance Center is Green Construction’s independent insurance agent. “It’s wonderful that Summit was able to step in and provide the help and services they were looking for. Both companies care deeply about doing the right thing, and I’m proud to work with them,” she says.

Green Construction Services owner and president, Alan Green, puts it this way. “We’ve been with Summit for many years, and they’ve always been good to us. Their loss prevention reps really care about the safety of our employees. They usually ask to ride along in our vehicles, visit our job sites and talk to our people, so that they can give us recommendations specific to our needs.”

So what was the result of Purcell’s safety review? He was able to successfully present a number of recommendations (both safety and otherwise) to the company’s executive team, and all of his suggestions were accepted, funded and implemented.

"Being proactive about safety doesn't just keep Green Construction Services on solid footing financially, but ethically as well. It gives me—and our executive team—the opportunity to prove to our employees that we really do care about them, and about doing the right thing. And it's great to know that the people at Summit share those values, and will partner with us to meet our safety goals,” he says.