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Risk Eligibility

Class Code Information
Class Code:

Risk acceptability is primarily driven by NCCI class code and NAICS code, although individual risk characteristics are also evaluated and may not be included on this page.

Step 1. Check Eligibility by Class Code
StateCarrierYears Prior RequiredMinimum
ALBridgefield Casualty Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$21.72
ALBridgefield Employers Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$16.29
ARBridgefield Casualty Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$9.16
ARBridgefield Employers Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$6.87
ARRetailers Casualty Ins Co 5$50,000.00Company Exclusion$8.88
FLBridgefield Casualty Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$16.31
FLBridgefield Employers Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$16.31
FLBusinessFirst Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$16.31
FLRetailFirst Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$16.31
GABridgefield Casualty Ins Co 3$25,000.00Eligible$33.55
GABridgefield Employers Ins Co 3$25,000.00Eligible$25.16
KYBridgefield Casualty Ins Co 3$25,000.00Eligible$17.70
KYBridgefield Employers Ins Co 3$25,000.00Eligible$13.28
KYBusinessFirst Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$17.70
LABridgefield Casualty Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$19.84
LABridgefield Employers Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$14.19
LARetailers Casualty Ins Co 5$50,000.00Company Exclusion$16.31
MSBridgefield Casualty Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$16.39
MSBridgefield Employers Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$11.64
MSRetailers Casualty Ins Co 5$50,000.00Company Exclusion$15.75
NCBridgefield Casualty Ins Co 3$25,000.00Eligible$20.29
NCBridgefield Employers Ins Co 3$25,000.00Eligible$15.22
NCBusinessFirst Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$19.81
SCBridgefield Casualty Ins Co 3$25,000.00Eligible$25.60
SCBridgefield Employers Ins Co 3$25,000.00Eligible$17.92
TNBridgefield Casualty Ins Co 3$25,000.00Eligible$18.38
TNBridgefield Employers Ins Co 3$25,000.00Eligible$12.87
TNBusinessFirst Ins Co 3$5,000.00Eligible$18.38
Step 2. Check Operation Eligibility by NAICS

Select the corresponding NAICS code from the list below that best describes the primary operations of the client.

View236115New Single-Family Housing Construction (except Operative Builders) 8
View236117New Housing Operative Builders 9
View236118Residential Remodelers 8
View238130Framing Contractors 7
View238170Siding Contractors 7
View561320Temporary Help Services 3
View561330Professional Employer Organizations 5
Underwriting Guidelines

The guidelines are used to determine the acceptability of workers' compensation risks. Each account will be reviewed on an individual basis and any information relevant to the risk should be brought to the attention of the underwriter.

Possible Supplemental Application required:


Pre-Inspection requirement:

Special Underwriting considerations:

Pricing Guidelines
The following risk characteristics are considered by the underwriter when selecting both pricing and program offerings.   Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure you are offered the most competitive options for the risk submitted.

Formalized workplace safety program
Dedicated safety contact person
Safety orientation and training program
Accident investigation
Safety committee
Supervisory accountability
Safety awareness and recognition program
Safety incentive program
Drug-free workplace program
Procedures for cleanup and organization of job site
Formal OSHA programs
Engineering controls
Personal protective equipment
Written job descriptions
Written transitional duty jobs
Return-to-work program
Established relationships with physicians
Timely reporting of claims (24 hours)
Accident investigations
Training of employees on claims procedures
Health insurance plan
Low turnover
Above average wages
Benefits package
Identified and addressed past claims trends
Carrier loyalty
D&B credit appraisal of good or high
D&B Paydex – 65 or higher
Good pay history
Strong financial statements
COI controls for all subcontractors
Ongoing payroll and classification tracking by insured